Trinine will be conducting research utilizing our patented Cellular Influence Device (CID) enhance the human experience.  The CID consists of a decoupled twelve foot –isosceles trapezoid chamber with 9-inch-thick walls containing a solution within the chamber for supporting a user in a state of floatation.   Components and submerged devices are used to create cymatic frequencies to expose the participant to precise input via the floatation solution of magnesium sulfate (liquid crystal).   Included within is a visual display unit that eliminates splay such that the interior of the isolation chamber remains dark with the exception of the transmitted information.  Also, there is a neural monitoring cap measuring brain activity of the user in real time allowing precision input and the monitoring of the effect.  This device has the potential to assist in the process of cellular refinement, circulation improvement, accelerated learning as well as a variety of other applications.  Our team is compiled of doctors and scientists that will derive data pertaining to human improvement.   This data will be transferred into program material to influence participants at our facilities and elsewhere.

Prototype Control Center circa. 2010

Prototype Interior circa. 2010

Characteristics of the 2010 CID Prototype showing images inside a Float Lab® chamber generated through the computer without lighting up the chamber. Also, an example of the underwater audio recorded by the camera. The research will be resuming with the next generation system conducted by TRININE INC.

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