“My wife and I love this place. We’ve been several times. It’s really an amazing experience. Spending 2 hours floating in body-temp water with no sensory input and essentially no gravity is like nothing else. It’s remarkably relaxing. Some people I’ve told about it say they’d be worried about feeling claustrophobic, but you really don’t feel particularly enclosed, there’s airflow and enough room to stand up; also: if you do feel that way, you can just open the door and walk out, you’re not locked in.”

– Jorga H.

“I enjoy this sensory deprivation more than others because it is challenging! It’s so easy to float in a pod with guided meditation and lighting, but when you step into a float lab tank it is just you, that tank and your thoughts. I didn’t last the 2 full hours in one swoop my skill level of being alone is not up to that time frame. Which is actually quite sad when I think about it. This is why I’ll be attended more regularly to get my mental shit together. The staff is amazing and the location is clean. Literally, stick around for a few minutes after your float you will see the staff entering each room with the power cleaning tools.”

– Champagne H.

“This place is amazing !!! Sensory deprivation is a great way to de-stress and relax, you come out feeling like a brand new person. It helps to alleviate a tired body and it makes your skin silky smooth. I wasn’t sure what to expect, 1st timers might feel confused or reluctant but the buoyancy of the water is like no other feeling. It’s a good change from the fast-paced city life. The pricing is totally worth it, 2 whole uninterrupted hours, can’t beat that !!! A must try !!!”

– Teresa K.

“I think everyone will have a different experience, but wow… This place is so clean!! You have to be buzzed in to go down to the basement, and the owner briefs you on how to lay, not to get salt in your eyes/ears (ear plugs are included), shower before/after and you’re good to go! My two hours flew, it’s definitely an unique experience!

– Valerie K.

“Fantastic, high-quality experience, worth every penny and then some! First of all, whoever designed the location deserves an award – from buzzing in at the nondescript entrance to descending to a lower level in the elevator to the chandeliers-and-cinder-block futuristic sleek look of the lobby, it’s an experience straight out of a science fiction movie. Never done a sensory deprivation tank experience? Neither had we – but the instructions were clear and concise, and we got the hang of it right away. The pre-float and post-float shower and other amenities were really nice, and we were impressed with all the health and safety precautions used. You get two FULL hours for your money and it’s a very relaxing experience – one of us actually dozed off a couple of times, and the other came home with the lowest blood pressure he’s had in years. People who have had some experience meditating will probably get more out of it than total newbies, but it’s still a wonderful experience. Highly recommended, especially in these stressful times.”

– Frank H.

“Had the most amazing experience. Amazing place, clean and everything was upscale, very Sci-Fi…The price was great, easy to get to, I’ll recommend this place to all of my friends and family!”

-Catherine M.

“Loved it and I will def be back regularly. During float super relaxed and chill. Post float- still Super relaxed, skin and hair really soft. I floated elsewhere 3 weeks ago and it stripped my hair. This place is awesome no damage to hair which is an added bonus for me. Great pricing and super easy.”

– Casey V.

“It’s been 3 awesome visits for me…. Completely life changing!
Highly recommend this trip to everyone. Prepare to be mind-blown when having a conversation with Crash about his tanks and about the floating experience.”

-Scott F.

“Been to this location 3 times. Crash, the owner / mad scientist, is an awesomely unique person — you won’t come across too many people like him over your lifetime. I use my time in the tank to relax. I get away from the constant stimulation of the world. Break my addiction to technology — checking my phone, etc. Floating is a great way to meditate, you’re in an environment completely free of distractions. However, you can meditate anywhere. The flotation tank is my place to introspect. There is no other environment so perfect for exploring your own mind, your opinions of the world, and your relationships with other people. The clarity of thought you experience is unreal. Floating has helped me make critical life decisions and come to terms with situations outside of my control. Come into it with an open mind and a problem to solve.”

– Marko S.

“This is the top flotation center in the country because of the high-end custom float tanks that the owner, ‘Crash’, created. They are so much better than any Samadhi tanks it’s like they are Ferraris when everyone else has a Toyota. Crash is quite the character but very nice and is completely sincere in making your float experience the best possible. He’s getting quite busy and last time we were in LA he was booked up a week in advance so make your reservations early.”

– Ivy Lou H.

“amazing experience, and something i can already tell will be a life long pursuit. post-float i felt a noticeable difference in indigestion, back pain, shoulder pain, stomach aches, chronic pain of all sorts throughout my body, basically. not to mention the actual mental workout/discovery of floating is insanely interesting. i was disappointed when the 2 hours were up because i didn’t feel it was enough for me to really dig! AKA booking another appointment asap to continue this exploration. highly recommend. PS- stop at moon juice on rose ave and get yourself a shot of ormus and shilajit and some fresh juice before your float to make the experience even better!”

– Simone C.

“Every time I come down to LA from SF this is the first thing I put on my schedule. Crash runs a great, clean operation and is by far the global expert on float technology (it’s more than salt water in a big dark room, folks). I can’t wait for his current R&D efforts to come to fruition. Hopefully they’ll be able to expand to other cities so my visits dont have to include security lines at LAX.”

– Matt L.