Sensory Deprivation is the practice of floating in a solution of Epsom salt in a light-free, sound resistant, zero gravity environment.  Floating in the ultra-purified skin temperature solution eliminates the requirement of the brain to navigate gravity or process external stimulation.  Without these obligations, the mind is allowed to redirect its thoughts.

Float Lab® Chambers Have the potential to:

-Give clarity into one’s self

-Reduced stress, anxiety and PTSD

-Improve athletic performance

-Address addictive behavior

-Assist in meditation and & lucid dreaming

-Increase endorphin & dopamine levels

-Reduce cortisol production

-Improve sleep patterns

-Speed recovery from jet lag

-Enhance the creative process

-Accelerate learning

-Lower blood pressure

The dimensions of our Float Lab® Chambers housed in Westwood are 5′ Wide x 8′ Long x 7′ High with a large easy access door that is 3′ x 5′.

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$45 per session

2 hours, or you may leave when you feel that you are finished.

No.  Float Lab® Chambers are designed for a single occupant.  Our chambers are required and certified to run through a disinfection process between each session and client.

It is safe to fall asleep in the tank. Regardless of your size or weight, you can lay back in the 12” of solutions containing over 1000 pounds of USP grade epsom salt and effortlessly float on your back with your eyes nose and mouth fully exposed.

In order to feel claustrophobic, you need an area of reference. You have to feel like you are enclosed, confined, limited or restricted. However, in the blackness of a Float Lab® chamber the opposite occurs, there is a feeling of openness, like space. Remember, you are in complete control of your surroundings, so if need be you can exit the chamber at any time.

If you are audibly sick (coughing, hacking, sneezing, uncontrollably) or unable to control your cough, we ask that you stay home and rest, and come back when you are feeling well, so you do not disturb others during the session.

Yes. Pregnant women probably get more relief from floating than most people. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very stressful due to the forces of gravity. Floating eliminates the negative effects of gravity, which causes joint pain, inflammation, and stress on the organs as well as the unborn baby.

Pregnant women have also reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called “The Mirror Effect.” The baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the isolation tank. Women report a stronger connection with their baby when exposed to this environment.

People who are epileptic or with special conditions should consult their physician before scheduling an appointment.

You will need to shower at Float Lab® even if you showered before your appointment. You want to enter the chamber as natural as possible, which is why a shower is necessary immediately before entering the chamber to wash off any and all products from your skin and hair. We provide high-quality organic soaps. Using the shower afterward is also suggested to remove the coating of Epsom salt that is left on the skin and hair.

Your hair will get wet during this experience. We do not advise wearing a shower or swim cap inside the chamber, they are distractive and ineffective. The solution will compromise the seal on the cap. If you have dyed or chemically treated your hair please do not book a session with us for at least two weeks after, or until your hair dye will no longer bleed.

Yes, we have gift certificates available for purchase on our  SCHEDULING PAGE. They are specific to each location. If you are not sure which location the recipient will prefer to go to, we recommend giving them a certificate for our Westwood location. Gift Certificates are honored at both locations.

The chambers are always either being used or being prepared for the next session. We are by appointment only and are not able to give tours. There are photos of our chambers on our website.

When you schedule your appointment online you will receive a confirmation email with the parking details for your chosen location. Both Venice and Westwood are high traffic areas, please take this into consideration when planning your arrival time.
Float Lab® Westwood:
There is 2-Hour free parking from 7am-5pm ($5 flat rate after 5 pm, cash only) at Broxton Avenue Public Parking located at 1036 Broxton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Do not use the 2 hours metered parking along Westwood Boulevard. After parking your car, walk around the block to 1025 Westwood Boulevard and use the intercom to be let into the building.
Float Lab® Venice:
Parking is available in the building. The parking lot is accessible from Speedway Ave. between Park Ave. and Park Ct. There is a fee that varies between $5.00-$20.00 (cash only) depending on the time of day and season. Other parking on the street takes a while to find.  Please note Venice Beach is known for its residential diversity.  If you schedule an appointment for 9 pm, you can park your car for free directly behind the building to minimize your exposure to the people living outside who are well behaved for the most part.   Our facility is secure but if the neighborhood will make you uncomfortable we recommend you choosing our Westwood location.

Nothing. Any clothing will interfere with your experience and contaminate the chamber.

A heavy meal beforehand is not suggested, however, you don’t want to hear your stomach growling. Also, avoid caffeine before floating for it may interfere with your ability to relax.

Shaving right before you come in will sting. Let the attendant know if you have a minor cut/abrasion so you can use Waxelene a non-petroleum based barrier.

No, but it does sting upon contact.  Before entering the chamber, make sure to dry your face off, push your hair back and keep your hands away from your eyes.

Only if you neglect to rinse your ears thoroughly after your session. Earplugs are provided to minimize this potential and reduce outside sounds.

No refunds for any cancellations or rescheduling if it’s less than 24 hours prior to your session. If you cancel your appointment you must call to receive a refund.