From concept to completion, Float Lab Technologies, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing & installing high-quality Isolation Floatation Chambers throughout the world. Each system is self-contained and customized to accommodate the designated facility. Chambers come in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations as well as an array of Colors & Materials to meet all electrical and aesthetic requirements.

Sanitized before each use, Float Lab’s patent pending disinfection filtration system is easily activated by pressing one button, is certified to produce a minimum 3-log kill (99.9%) per cleaning cycle without the use of toxic halogen chemicals & is pre-calibrated to automatically shut-off when finished.

Step-by-step maintenance training is provided complimentary to your staff prior to the completion of the project by a qualified Float Lab technician.



Commercial Float Lab pricing starts at $42,500*.
Each floatation chamber includes a 3-year warranty.
We ship anywhere in the world. Available in 120 volt / 60 hertz and 240 volts / 50 hertz models.


4′ Width

8′ Length

7′ Height


5′ Width

8′ Length

7′ Height


6′ Width

8′ Length

7′ Height


6′ Width

10′ Length

7′ Height


8′ Width

8′ Length

7′ Height

* Not including shipping, installation or Epsom Salt. Domestic Installation: $2,500 per chamber / International Installation: $5,000 per chamber.

Estimated Annual Expenses per Float Lab Chamber


$2,525.00 divided by 2,190 sessions= $1.15 per float

Electricity: $425.00

Epsom Salt: $600.00

Solution Filters: $800.00

Air Filters: $200.00

UV Bulbs: $250.00

Quartz Sleeves: $250.00

Additional Annual Facility Expenses



Shampoo / Conditioner

Body Wash

Laundry Detergent

Ear Plugs



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