The sound of my heartbeat began to fade. I didn’t know silence could be so loud. But I’ve been waiting for this… Here I am, completely naked as I step into the chamber and slowly submerge my being in the saltwater, only my face was above the perfectly warmed liquid. I do not recall how long it took, but something did happen to me. As my mind transcended the physical world, I began to forget my body. Did I even have one anymore? In the darkness, in the trance, anything is possible because nothing seems to exist.

Have you ever heard silence? It’s powerful. I heard it and have one man to thank. He is dedicated to harnessing this power through this experience brought on by his sensory deprivation tank (also called float tank, flotation tank, or sensory attenuation tank). It’s filled with saltwater, devoid of all light, soundproof, and at perfect skin temperature. When a human floats locked inside in these conditions, it feels as though they were in a void, deprived of senses. The effects of sensory deprivation can range from insane to ethereal.